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Calendar in Tableau

When you build a dashboard, you often have to let your users chose a time frame for the analysis. This blog intends to give you several possibilities to do it, from… Continue Reading →

Viz about what you love

I am often asked by beginners how they could improve their skills. The common answer is to participate to some community challenges as WoW, Makeover Monday, IronViz, BacktoBasics or the wonderful… Continue Reading →

Tips & Tricks for beginners

I have the great privilege to do a presentation in Vegas during the Tableau Conference #data22 with Heidi Kalbe. If part of the presentation has been recorded for the virtual conference… Continue Reading →

Thank you!

I am not sure I could express how grateful and proud I am, to have been named Tableau Visionary (previously named Zen Master) by the Tableau Community. I always looked up… Continue Reading →

Rethink an old viz

For a long time, I wanted to redo one of my 2018 viz about Tintin (a belgian comic character), that I build during a Litterature Ironviz. But I didn’t have the… Continue Reading →

End of year review

January is usually a good month to think about the past coming year, it is also the time where you sit with your boss and have the end of year discussion…. Continue Reading →

Get Certified!

Why it is a good idea? Getting certified is always a good idea, it show not only your skills to your current or future employer, but it is a way to… Continue Reading →

LODs Strike the right Note

Content presented during a #DataPlusWomen Germany : recording here Dashboard downloadable on my Tableau Public Profile This post is about LODs and how to understand them to be able to use… Continue Reading →

I did it again …

Why did I participate? I participated again to the Ironviz competition. To be honest, I don’t know why I participate. Did I really think that I could win a place for… Continue Reading →

Fighting negativity through self reflection?

It is already some weeks that I wondered if what I am doing is enough or even useful for someone. While reading the awesome post of Adam Mico link, I felt the urge writing down what is on my mind and maybe finding my path to self acceptance.

New Year, New Skills

Part of my job in our Tableau Center of Excellence/ Enablement is to increase the Tableau skills of our internal community of users. On the past year, we have launched a… Continue Reading →

Ironviz 2020 : Backstage

Why did I participate?  First of all, let me tell you that I like to participate to the IronViz competition, not because I have any chance to win nor I am… Continue Reading →

¿Qué animal te puede matar?

Una de mis resoluciones para el nuevo año es de acabar los dashboards que empecé en 2019, o para algunos inclusos antes. Puede que la razón sea el aburrimiento o simplemente… Continue Reading →

Data + Women Zurich

What is Data +Women? Data + Women is an initiative launched some years ago by the Tableau community for the Tableau Community. (Tableau is a Leading Visuals Analytics tool in the… Continue Reading →

Face the music

My new IronViz submission The reason why I repeatedly participe to the IronViz is to face the music, to compete against myself and see what I can come with, on a… Continue Reading →

I did it again !

 Squeeze it or Crack it ! I participated last week to the feeder 1 for the Global Ironviz contest 2019. This time the competition was a little different instead of having… Continue Reading →

Lost in Translation – version espanol !

Buenos días ! Bonjour! Good Morning! Guten Morgen … ¿Cómo comunicarse efectivamente con nuestros colegas dentro de una organización internacional? ¿Mi Dashboard sera entendido por todos mis colegas, aunque no hablemos… Continue Reading →

Lost in translation

Good Morning ! Bonjour ! Buenos dias! Guten Morgen… How to communicate effectively with our colleagues inside an international organisation? Is my dashboard will be understood by all by colleague across… Continue Reading →

Como hacer un grafico circular

Durante mi presentación en la conferencia Tableau TC2018, se me pidió que explicara cómo creé una de mis visualizaciones (enlace a mi presentación) La visualización anterior se compone de dos partes:… Continue Reading →

Comment faire un diagramme circulaire

Durant ma présentation à la conférence Tableau TC2018, on m’ a demandé d’expliquer comment j’avais créé une de mes visualisations  (lien vers ma présentation)   La visualisation ci-dessus est composée de… Continue Reading →

Games of thrones

Archive July 2017 I have completely redone the viz, I did for my first participation to the Iron Viz last April, adding some new stats and changing the format. I also… Continue Reading →

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